The blog follows the development of Sociable Soccer, a new cross-platform football action game for PC, mobile & console from Jon Hare, godfather of football videogames and designer of Sensible Soccer.

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  1. I would like to see a match played with a similar side view camera as from PES/FIFA (higher than the side cam shown on replays)

    Concerning the game physics I think it’s worth consideration to look what for example another similar type arcade sports game NHL Hitz Pro did. That game included many dozen sliders for physics and A.I behaviour. They even have a slider for ‘puck retention’, which is less evidently remarkable in terms of how it affects the game compared to swos/kick-off/sociable soccer. I brought this retention setting up, because that’s something I would like to see experimented on. Swos had players with the C attribute marking that those players had more control of the ball than those that didn’t, in kick-off all players had less control (iirc), in videos from sociable soccer players seem to have a good control of the ball.

    Anyway, if Sociable Soccer went the NHL Hitz -like route, people could discover some of the physic settings themselves, like in the simulation games. For the online games the solution could be that you could then also pick up from couple different pre-defined settings to play matches on. Here is a relevant post describing the vast amount of NHL Hitz slider settings slider by slider http://z15.invisionfree.com/NHL04Rebuilt/index.php?showtopic=1387&st=15&#entry22151937

    Considering a scenario where a Sociable soccer sub-community focusing on the possible slower and more ‘realistic’ sliders (from above paragraph) would end up being competitive online with tournaments etc. In this scenario the player control features would become also relevant. Control settings like having the 1 ) manual control, player changes automatically on ball possession and air balls, manually without the ball. 2) Locking your player to one position for the full game. 3) ‘Fixed’ player control option from PES (this type of fixed lacks in FIFA). Fixed position I mean here is such that you only switch the player when you initiate a switch player trigger (eg. pressing a button, or in one button setup maybe some double click?). In the latests PES’s you could even change the player while dribbling, giving the ball possessors control to AI, and then make a run with a ball without a ball. Although this Sociable soccer seem fast paced, a feature like this would allow more strategy and possibilities.

    Competitive online game:

    There are good examples especially in the recent fifa and nhl games. The nhl 2014/2015, also hearthstone (maybe nhl 16 has it too?) style ranked game mode where you start with the lowest rank and rank up the more you play, and eventually get stuck at some ranks as you gain or lose points depending how well you play. You are matched up with other players around the same rank (if available) randomly. Micro-transactions -wise the FUT concept seems appealing. Competitive players and the fantasy team builders uniting to the same place. The integrated card game with Sociable Soccer style caricatures in cards sounds like potential.

    If one goes the route without giving user the optional settings for things like game speed, camera zoom, some game physics perhaps and other things, then there is just the larger margin for not satisfying the wide range of preferences the players wish.

    1. Hi, this is Jouni, the lead gameplay programmer commenting. 🙂

      The approach we’re taking internally is very much like “dozens of sliders”, and the reason all players seem to have such a good grip on the ball is that we haven’t implemented the player skills yet. We do have all the data for SWOS equivalent variation for all teams in the game, and many parameters are still due to change as we balance the game.

      Discovering this optimal balance of sliders (or, numbers) is a task that in the case of Sociable Soccer falls primarily on Jon, because only one person can have a consistent feel for the whole thing. We trust him with this job for the obvious reason, he brought us Sensible Soccer and SWOS.

      We’re not planning at this point to make the values user-adjustable, largely for the reason that with so many interconnected parameters the range in which *everything* works is actually very narrow. While some individuals will always disagree with some parameters of the game, making meaningful changes to them might actually be impossible.

      We can also make use of of facts like how long the ball takes to travel across the field, how far a slide tackle reaches or what the aftertouch limits are to optimize online gameplay to flow well in all situations.

      Jon is like a master chef preparing a dish for all to enjoy – shipping it with a crate of spices and telling you to season it for yourself would feel something of a cop-out. Additionally, if we make the parameters adjustable we would not be able to guarantee a consistent experience, and some of the subtler gameplay aspects might only become apparent after several days of play. If you were to change things to your own peferences early in the beginning, you might run into something that blocks your enjoyment a few days later and there would be nothing we can do to save you from that disappointment.

      What we can and will do, is to extensively play-test every change in the game with Jon, only keep the parameters that work and roll back to the previous settings if we take a step in the wrong direction. While adjustable parameters could let a bigger margin of people tinker with the game, they would not guarantee the optimal experience for anyone.

      Whether some of these parameters are opened up post-release for the modding community remains to be seen, but we believe it really is our job to make this the best damn soccer game on the planet to begin with.

    1. Hi Andy, no we never said that this was going to be a one button game. We decided (and it was Jon Hare’s design decision) to go for two already from the beginning. The classic one which does passing, shooting and tackling and the burst of speed one on the right trigger. (Xbox Control)

  2. Hi guys,
    i’d like to know everything about in-game editor/s.
    Will it be possible to edit teams / players / competitions? and, if yes, how deep?
    I’m an editor and I love to edit football games! I have lots of ideas about this aspect of the game.

    1. Hi Davide,
      At the present the only thing you can edit is Team Names and Team Players.
      The focus right now is only about gameplay and it will probably be like that until the end of the year. The remaining focus will be on other stuff.

      1. Tnks fr yr prompt reply!
        One of the coolest features (and I bet also key of success) of SWOS games was the total (for that time) freedom in customization.
        I hope it’s planned to focus properly on this particular aspect of the game when gameplay is complete.
        Could you confirm me if it’s planned to be a key feature or not? (even if it’s not yet developed). Thanks a lot!

        1. Thanks again for yr attention,
          I was hoping to have at least the same options of the SWOS saga.
          It would be really cool to have a fully customizable database of Leagues, Teams and Players (I mean, even with basic options ((ae. for player editor, just color of players skin, hair and boots)) which could be easily and quickly edited.
          Even for team kits and badges, i dreamed of the classic SWOS quick and fast editor enhanced with lots of kit designs and a fully customizable rgb palette for colors.
          Let’s hope publisher decision will be wise.
          A spiritual successor of SWOS cannot forget / miss / ignore a so “distinctive” feature of the series.
          Fingers crossed.
          P.S. Please update us on this point, in the FAQ section of this site it’s said: “Q: Can you edit the teams?
          A: Most definitely.”… mmm… if at this stage the only official editable options are Teams and Players names… the answer is a little big misleading… 😀
          Thanks again!

  3. What about goal celebrations and Trophy presentations on the pitch when you’ve won the League or a Cup competition.

  4. Player Positions.
    Rather than deeming a player to be a Right Back (RB) or Left Back (LB), make Defenders (D) become a (RB) if they play on the extreme right of the defence or (LB) if they play on the extreme left, the same for Midfielders (M) playing on the Right (RW) or Left (LW) wing.
    Chelsea are a good example of this, Azpilicueta is a right footed defender who sometimes plays at Right Back but mainly plays at Left Back, Ivanovic is a defender who mainly plays at Right Back but sometimes plays at Centre Back.
    Sorry to be a pain, but you did ask for suggestions.
    Thanks for the quick response, I’m only trying to help make the game a success.

  5. Thanks again, my view is, the more options the more variety, the more variety the greater appeal to a larger clientele.
    I apologise if I am repeating my-self, but I have been waiting for a game like this for years and obviously want it to be a huge success.
    If I had known about the Kickstarter campaign I would have surely donated, but I didn’t find out till after it had closed.

    1. Our point of view is that the users have all those options in both FIFA and PES, but usually they go for the options that gives them most reward. Like the auto pass or the auto shot. People rarely use the options that create simulation. If PES/FIFA REALLY wanted to create simulation they’d force the users to play their game without easy controls. That would make for a great football game based on actual skill.

      The standard speed of the game will be that of SWOS. Everything else is undecided. I’ll keep you updated and let’s look forward to how things look when the speed stats are in place.


  6. What you saw in the video was probably top speed (at least to me). Players are yet to get their speed stats yet. When they do the players will slow down considerably.

    Sociable Soccer is an arcade game, the other games on the market do a great job with the simulation and a lot of options for example speed, controls etc.


  7. Although I loved Sensible, the Side view was always my prefered choice, but the one thing that bothered me was not being able to slow the game down to a more realistic pace. If this was an option it would blow the other Football games, you know who I mean, out of the water. I do hope you consider this.
    Thanks for the reply, keep up the Great work.

  8. Hi, great work, will you have the option to slow down or speed up the pace of the game and is there an option to zoom in or out. Thanks for bringing game play back to Football.

    1. Hi Andy,

      We have no such options planned since we aim to keep the pace that Jon’s previous games had. The fast pace made it fun because it was end to end football with great tackling. You will be able to chose from Side view and Classic view, and we’ll probably add some more. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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