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    Is Diego Maradona featured in this game? If yes, is it only possible to have Maradona in the squad if you play with Boca or Napoli? Or also when you play with the national squad of Argentina?

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Eensie and sorry for the late reply. The most classic players will feature as collectables for their most famous clubs and as a general target if you don’t have any great superstars as club collectables.

    Hi – I’m trying to play on M1 MacBook and finding that the Y axis on controller is inverted. Have tried Nvidia shield and Xbox one controllers, both the same. Don’t have this issue with any other games on the MacBook. Would be really great if you could look at a fix; life-long SWOS fan and would be awesome to play its spiritual successor!

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Thank you SteveO, did you try the latest update we released in the end of May? Things might have been fixed then, but we’re also releasing an update, specifically for the M1 chip this month. Hope that will help, and let us know what you think! 😀

    Nathan Seery

    Loving the Sensi feel. Would love to see this in top down portrait on Android. Would also love to see this on the PC so I can relive the excitement of a new Sensi-style football game. I can still remember the excitement of the original Sensi and the joy of taking a small team all the way in SWOS. I hadn’t heard about this project until it was covered in the Kim Justice YouTube video
    It would be great to see your roadmap, I totally understand that release dates do change, especially when it is a labour of love, but having an idea of which platforms and any kind of priority would be great. I gave up on FIFA in the 90s and ISS/PES in the 00s, I’m looking forward to S-Soccer in 20s. It’s great to see an independent development growing and the timing for a good fun playable football game feels spot-on. Great work.

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Thanks Nathan,
    There’s an Android version coming from our Chinese partner, since we’re exclusive to Apple on mobile besides in China. Hopefully you’ll be able to download the game anyhow. Our roadmap is: press release with our new publisher, release date estimation, work work work, more work, and release! Great to have you with us! 😀

    Drew Dewsall

    Been waiting for ages for a PlayStation version. You guys kept saying it was coming at the end of 2020 and its now March 21 and still no word as to when it is coming. Come on guys throw us a bone here?

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hello Drew, thanks for your interest in our game and thanks for following us. At the end of the year we were free to release the game on other platforms due to our exclusivity on Apple Arcade ending. We can now release the game on consoles and PC. We’re in negotiations with different partners and we are looking forward to making a new announcement as soon as we have the details ready. All the best /Gustav

    Omar Calderon Alvarado

    1.) When are you going to finish developing nintendo switch?
    2.) When is the data team editor finished?
    3.) When is the switch release this year?
    4.) When are you going to have edit competition?

    Omar Calderon Alvarado

    When are you putting the game on the nintendo switch and the data editor mode in the game?

    Omar Calderon Alvarado

    When are you going to release it on nintendo switch and when are you going to have an editor in the game?


    Football games have become completely stale with Fifa and PES not taking any chances and others not willing to step on the pitch. So it was great news to find out about Sociable Soccer.

    This game looks amazing and as a long time Jon Hare fan I’m really looking forward to the PC version (I don’t have an iThing and generally find mobile gaming tedious). What’s the best way for me to subscribe and find out when it is released on PC?

    Also will there be a recommended controller?

    Hello, are you at least going to put the game up on the Google Play Store anytime soon? Now that we’re in 2021 and all.

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Andy, we’re still exclusive on mobile with Apple devices. We hope that you will be able to grab it for PC or console instead when it is time. Cheers

    When will sociable soccer be released on ps4?

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi! We don’t have a date yet, but the game is in development for Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

    The new update has really ruined the experience. Yes, there are a lot of new flashy things in the update, but the ability to control your players has been reduced. I really don’t like it at all and I’m thinking about quitting entirely.

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Matt, did you change the controls to advanced by unticking the box in options that says “assisted shots & passing”? Cheers!

    It is a pity that they did not have a vision of the future and they forgot that version they had for virtual reality on PC. Some companies are making a lot of money selling normal VR games, I don’t want to imagine what a soccer game would sell, knowing that in VR there are none yet. We wonder why companies like EA, Valve, Microsoft … are already investing millions in making VR games and this company left the Sociable Soccer VR project in half.

    When EA releases Fifa for VR, they will rush and they will release Sociable Soccer for VR, but it will be too late because they will not be able to compete with the quality of Fifa. The first is the one that takes the largest portion of the cake, the second ones take the crumbs.

    Freddy Hajas

    Hello, about the PC/Steam version, is it dead? Would be updates until we get the full version release? Or is dead and will only update in iOS version for now on?

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Freddy, a PC version will come after we finish the development with the 2020 game and engine. Cheers!

    Is this why the game has disappeared from Steam? Am i Going to be able to reinstall it from steam if I get a new PC? ( In a couple of weeks )

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi TrenceJ. Yes, we took down the game on Steam when we signed the exclusive deal with Apple on Apple Arcade. For any support on Steam products please contact them. Thank you.

    The most important Thing for me were a Career Mode like Sensible Soccer had. + a good Editor for Names! I loved Sensible Soccer back in the Days,it was my favorite Game on Amiga! <3

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Oli! We’re looking forward to making a new and fresh football game with great gameplay and fantastic animations. Glad to hear you liked Sensible Soccer – it’s a source of good inspiration for all football games. Cheers!

    Omar Calderon Alvarado

    Hi, can you guys put android on the the next release please?

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Omar, we’re exclusive on mobile on Apple Arcade at this moment. We will arrive on other platforms around the end of the year. Hope you’ll be able to play our game then! Cheers!

    Will you release your game on PS4?

    I’ve heard about you for a while, there’s no news…

    This could be a fun arcade game! I would definitely buy it if you release it on PS4

    Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

    Hi Curtis, thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for your support.

    We’re working on other platforms with a company in the UK. Other versions are planned for release around the end of the year.

    We hope to see you around then for a console experience!

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