FIFPRO licensed Sociable Soccer 24 will launch on Steam on November 16th

Sociable Soccer 24 artwork with football players and FIFPRO logoWishlist Sociable Soccer 24 on Steam:

Tower Studios has announced the release dates for the long-awaited PC and console versions of its hit, arcade action, Sociable Soccer series.

The Steam version of Sociable Soccer 24 will go on digital release on 16th November 2023, while the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions, plus boxed release of all formats will be released in Q1 2024.

Tower Studios, headed up by Jon Hare, the mastermind behind the cult Sensible Soccer series, has also announced a new licensing deal with FIFPRO providing the game with over 10,000 licensed players from around the world. This partnership with FIFPRO makes Sociable Soccer 24 the only FIFPRO-licensed arcade action football game currently available on the market for PC and console.

Sociable Soccer 24’s fast, fluid arcade gameplay is definitely its most eye-catching USP. It is easy to play and hard to master in a manner that fans of Hare’s previous football games will be very familiar with. In single-player career mode, it is fun and challenging as you climb the online leagues collecting and upgrading your squad, in online multiplayer you will marvel at the speed and smoothness of the action and in couch multiplayer it is without doubt the most enjoyable, best playing action football game this century.

Dripping with game modes there is a whole world of soccer for players to enjoy, with 77 real world trophies to collect, clan play representing the club you love against rival fans and over 1,000 teams to choose from.

“There have been so many people involved in the Sociable Soccer journey so far, it has felt like an epic quest,” says Jon Hare. “It is particularly satisfying to finally deliver the PC and console versions we promised eight years ago and I am delighted to say that all people who paid for the Steam Early Access version will get it for free.” He concluded, “Sociable Soccer 24 represents a very significant staging point in the Sociable Soccer journey so far, and we would like to thank all of our partners that have joined us on the way, including recent arrivals FIFPRO and its entourage of 10,000 stars who have come to join the party.”

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Sociable Soccer for PC & Console making its debut in 2023


Sociable Soccer 24 Blue Banner with FIFPRO logoThe highly anticipated global release will be packed with new gameplay and features, building on its huge success in Apple Arcade

Tower Studios Ltd, will release Sociable Soccer for PC and Console in 2023, following the title’s huge success on Apple Arcade.

The game, designed by Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare, will be made available  globally for Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4/5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, in addition to a full Steam release.

Sociable Soccer was originally released in 2019 via Apple Arcade for iOS, where it has built up a huge following of fans for its fast, arcade-style, intuitive gameplay, complete with multiplayer head-to-heads and collectible player cards.

The highly anticipated console and PC versions of the game will offer the same great player experiences and more, including:

  • Enhanced stadiums, player models and cameras in game
  • Animated 3D characters throughout new menu system
  • Enhanced gameplay & AI on the pitch
  • New loan players to boost squad after every set of fixtures
  • Faster promotion through the leagues for dedicated players
  • Improved PVP matchmaking & customisable difficulty
  • Update to all 1,000 teams & 30,000 players for 22/23 season
  • Announcement of more exciting features to follow

Meanwhile, gamers who bought the previously available Early Access version on Steam in 2017 will get a new Steam code on release.

Tower Studios CEO Jon Hare said: “Sociable Soccer has been a labour of love since we first started working on the game as a PC title in 2015. With the game now firmly established on Apple Arcade we’re excited to take it back to Steam, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. We’ve always thought of Sociable Soccer as an organic football franchise – and it’s going to be growing more over the next few years.”


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Sociable Soccer ’21 is live!

A brand new update for Apple Arcade is here. We’ve made sure to listen to our fans and give them improved touch controls introducing a sprinting button, better AI, new models, new chat system between you and your opponent, goal celebrations (more are coming), and 5 new referees among a whole lot of fixes and changes.

There’s a lot of new content in there and we’re looking forward to hear your opinions about it.

How do you like the gameplay?
Do you have a favourite strategy?
Who’s your chosen manager?
What is your favorite emoji to send out?
Let us know here or on our other Social Media.

Download here:

Key new game features for Sociable Soccer ’21:

•In-game chat system to talk to your opponent and send emojis as you are playing
•5 new referees to add fun and variety to the officiating of matches
•Improved sprint controls for touch screens and individual sprint stamina for players
•3 distinct control schemes for Idle, Casual, and Hardcore players
•Brand new HUD during matches, featuring managers and referees
•10 new world tournaments to play and over 100 trophies to collect
•Full update of all players and teams for the 2021 season
•Totally new player models in-game
•Totally overhauled menus
•New look player cards
•Improved AI

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Sociable Soccer 2020 – December Update

• Improved goalkeepers with better AI, movement, animation and variety of saves and misses
• Improved AI leading to a bigger variety of goal scoring opportunities and more diverse gameplay
• Improved referees with more presence, more accurate decisions and enhanced art
• Improved clan play in Club Clash mode with better matchmaking, rewards and race to become club captain
• Improved daily matches sequence with up to 25 matches per day hooked together in one giant loop
• Improved matchmaking and presentation in club and league game modes
• Improved card rewards leading to greater opportunities for meaningful player upgrades
• Improved rendering of graphics in game
• Improved control selection, making it much easier to chip and sprint
• Fully updated data for 2020-21 season with over 1,200 teams and 29,000 players
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Sociable Soccer 2020 – Seasonal Update

Seasonal 2020 update offers a new mode and many fixes.

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European Football 2020 Reward Cards

In honor of great international soccer tournaments. Until July 12th we will be giving away International European players as your first daily reward each week.

P.S You will receive your reward on the first day of your week. Your first day is the week day you started playing Sociable Soccer for the first time.

Hope you get some players you are missing!

All the best
/The Sociable Team

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Update 1.4 iOS

Update 1.4 adds better AI and much more.

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Promotion and Relegation targets reduced

The top league points target is now half of the previous value, and many of the other leagues also now have reduced total points targets.

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Press release 12th of March 2020 – Sociable Soccer is proud to announce the launch of its partnership with Football Aid.

“For the rest of this football season players of Sociable Soccer and Football Aid participants will be invited to join the developers, ex-professional football legends and a smattering of influencers at a variety of English Premier League matches where they can enjoy a 3 course meal in comfort before watching a match in executive seats.”

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