Sociable Soccer has gone live and into pre-season!

We’re glad to announce that we are out on Steam. After almost two years of hard work with a small team we get to share this with you.

Our football game – a game made to give you the best of football in 3 min.
Fun, fast, arcade football has come the fans way.

There’s not going to be any BS:ing around here. We know that there are going to be issues, both technical unforeseen ones because of different machines and devices and bugs in the game, so let’s tick them off – together. Every lost customer is a sadness, but this is early access.

We aim to make this Sociable – Together

Our team is already aware of the following problems:

  • Own goals (+ general suckiness of the AI)
  • Performance problems (try to default to lower quality settings when starting the game if it runs slow)
  • Controller problems (controllers working in menus but not in-game, looking at the info and will get back on it in support threads)
    #sociablefist 👊

/The Sociable Team

3 Replies to “Sociable Soccer has gone live and into pre-season!”

  1. after the new update I can’t play anymore. it gets stuck on the page where the names of the two teams show up. It says press A to assign controller but no button that I press works. anyone else has this issue? what is the equivalent of A on keyboard?

  2. what are the basic controls on keyboard? can you please explain how the ps4 controls map to keyboard?

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