Boss Mode needs your ideas.

Hey guys,

While we improve on the goalkeepers and the general AI we would like to get your thoughts on Boss Mode. Go to the “The official suggestions thread” and give us your ideas on how to improve this mode and make it great.

For those of you who have not yet bought the game and don’t know what Boss Mode is – let us explain. In Boss Mode your mission is to steer 10 managers to success. You start with the noob and then you unlock the one by one to get more challenges. Help us with ideas for this mode please!

The new patch being worked on has no release date so far. When it goes into Beta testing we will tell you.

Best regards
/The Sociable Team


2 Replies to “Boss Mode needs your ideas.”

  1. one idea is to add top scorers info to the leagues and cups all around be in boss mode or not. give extra points for hat-tricks.
    also make it possible to save edits made to formations.

    not an idea but here is a bug:

    in the boss mode, I played the chinese cup. the home and away rule was not in play. I drew 0-0 in home and 1-1 away but the game went to extra time and I lost in penlaties, again thanks to several bugs.

    I drew 3-3 in the first 5 shots and then lost as soon as the opponent scored their 6th shot. I did not get a chance to even attempt my 6th shot.

    Also, the AI gets to kick the ball again if the it bounces back!

    Another bug is that the goalies always drop the ball to their feet once they collect it with their hands. It wasn’t like this in sensible soccer.

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