Update 1.4 iOS

Update 1.4 adds better AI and much more.

Our latest update is now live on Apple Arcade! Get your boots on! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sociable-soccer/id1468314130?ign-itsct=sociablesoccer&ign-itscg=30800
– Improved ranking system for League Matches and Seasons
– More responsive player selection and improved player AI
– New PVP online mode match-up messaging function
– Regular and advanced player control schemes for new & experienced players
– Performance improvements and optimizations to enable a console experience and support two remote controllers on an iOS device and an HDMI cable

Posted by Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Community Manager with service as first priority. Worked for Konami with PES. Swede from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.


Michael Brock

My biggest frustration with this game is the season timer. I hate how it starts 24 hours after you last played it instead of a calendar day or a regular time each day. I once started the game at 3am and now have to play between 3am to 4:30am in order to ensure I can progress each day of the season. I will stop playing because of this issue.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us. I understand this is frustrating and game breaking for you. I will feed this back to the devs to see what can be done. Thanks for your continuous support!

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