Update 1.3 iOS

Here are the new features in this latest update 1.3 :-

• Real Time Online PvP (First Phase)
• Improved Player Selection
• Game speed clamping
• Quick Camera Change Button
• My Team Card added to Daily Rewards and Win Streak
• View other teams in Ranking Table
• Improved Tutorial & information
• 1p Club vs Club Friendly Matches
• General Bug Fixing and Game Balancing

Posted by Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Community Manager with service as first priority. Worked for Konami with PES. Swede from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.


On player cards there are Gold badges you get when you receive a duplicate card. If you get three duplicates the badges fill up. What’s the point of those?

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Mike, thanks for gettting in touch. Duplicate cards light up shields on cards and give you 5% skill boost each. It is suppose to work season per season. Every season your shields are taken away again. Cheers!

Wasim Balewa

Can I play game for free

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Wasim, you can play the game on Apple Arcade. It’s not available on any other devices at this moment. We are aiming to release on other platforms at the end of the year. Cheers!

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Mike, sorry for the late reply, you fill up your shields and that improves your player by 5% per shield. Thanks for your support!


I have attempted to log back onto my career and it is attempting to start me off with a new career.
Sure not deleted the whole thing. Anybody I can contact regard this

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Paul, when you install an update of the game or reinstall the game; then you need to chose “icloud” as the option when you log in. When you are at the main menu. You’ll notice that it says offline in the top and that small red buttons are above every menu choice. If you click on the rankings/league where you play online then you’ll be asked to accept the online conditions. That’s when the game fetches your information from the server and your progress will be restored. Cheers.

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