Sociable Soccer ’21 is live!

A brand new update for Apple Arcade is here. We’ve made sure to listen to our fans and give them improved touch controls introducing a sprinting button, better AI, new models, new chat system between you and your opponent, goal celebrations (more are coming), and 5 new referees among a whole lot of fixes and changes.

There’s a lot of new content in there and we’re looking forward to hear your opinions about it.

How do you like the gameplay?
Do you have a favourite strategy?
Who’s your chosen manager?
What is your favorite emoji to send out?
Let us know here or on our other Social Media.

Download here:

Key new game features for Sociable Soccer ’21:

•In-game chat system to talk to your opponent and send emojis as you are playing
•5 new referees to add fun and variety to the officiating of matches
•Improved sprint controls for touch screens and individual sprint stamina for players
•3 distinct control schemes for Idle, Casual, and Hardcore players
•Brand new HUD during matches, featuring managers and referees
•10 new world tournaments to play and over 100 trophies to collect
•Full update of all players and teams for the 2021 season
•Totally new player models in-game
•Totally overhauled menus
•New look player cards
•Improved AI

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Community Manager with service as first priority. Worked for Konami with PES. Swede from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.

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