After the March video

So on Saturday we released the latest video and the focus for it was to show some of our menus and how the graphics will look in the side view angle. The general feedback through FB and Twitter has been good on both. I’ve added a few screenshots to the gallery to the right here on the blog. Check them out!

Also, listening to our fans, we know that goalkeepers was the main question mark after the video release, somebody even asked if they were based on a certain Chelsea keeper. Well truth be told then, they are. But you guys rest assured the GK:s will be worked on during the coming months.

If you got some more feedback just have your say on any of our social media. I read everything and try to reply or react to any comments as well as I can.


2 Replies to “After the March video”

  1. We haven’t discussed chants/songs yet Chesnay. You will be able to edit kids to a good and detailed degree. I’ll get back to you on this as soon as I get more info. Cheers!

  2. Actually I had another question about editing, you’re probably bored of me asking them by now 🙂 will it be possible to assign fan chants/songs to teams like how you do in PES? And how much can you edit kits? Is it just a case of choosing from normal shirt, stripes, hoops and so on? Or something mode flexible than this?

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