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About two weeks ago I asked what football feeling and what football moments you’d like to replicated in a game. I sorted out the answers from both Facebook and Twitter and this is some of what I got so far.

1) Crowd atmosphere – The feeling that the crowd is involved in the game you are playing. That they react with applauds when something good is going on, like a string of passes, or boo when someone puts in a horrible tackle. Also that when you do a fine build up that the crowd noise level increases with the shooting chance.

I remember when I was at the World Cup 2006 at the Olympia Stadion. It was my first World Cup game, Brazil vs Croatia. Me and my friend we heard the noise at a distance, the samba drums, the crowd chanting players names and the speaker announcing the players. We were a little bit late after having a pair of beers. We came to our gate, and then we took a step out and saw the whole arena. Green, yellow, blue, red and white. An ocean of different colors for each teams supporters. My jaw dropped, as a first World Cup experience it was amazing. It seemed like the world was a happy place at that moment. The wave went through the stadium. The beer tasted better than ever. That feeling. Anyhow. That was a big stadium. Small stadiums are also important, for small teams.

2) Stadiums – Big or small, they both got their charm. It’s great to be part of that 40.000 crowd when your favorite big club or country plays. But then you also have that local team stuck in the lower divisions (or smaller leagues) with, lets say, 5000-15000 in attendance. The stadium is much smaller, the noise level lower, you can hear everything a bit clearer. The pitch is more torn up because the groundsman works part time. Those kind of things.

3) The one touch game – So you manage to put 5 passes together, a good mix of both normal straight passes and passes with the after touch, the crowd goes weeeehhh, weeehhhh, weeehhh. And then the long through ball to unnamed player, who shots. GOOAAAAL. One touch passing (in Jon’s games) has always been that mix of using the after touch and not using it to trick slide tackling defenders.

Like I’ve said earlier. The passing is what I felt instantly as I played Sociable Soccer for the first time. It’s gonna have that classic feeling. Don’t worry.

So that was some of the things that people want the most. Of course I’ll discuss these with the team and I think at least number 1 is possible to some extent. Stadiums are a lot more tricky cause they need lots of time and individual care to make special. I’ll get back to you soon after I meet the team in Helsinki on Thursday-Friday.

As always. Stay Sociable.

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  1. me gusta los jugadores grandes como el principio del video dibujos animados si fueran todos asi seria unico los porteros fallan mucho HABRA DEMO para probarlo insisto deberia ser mas lento buen trabajo

  2. Hi fellas,

    Only me again lol…

    Will this be released as a physical box release or just digital only? Would be fantastic if it came out in physical release, so it can be added to collections etc.

    Also, will you be able to edit team names and player names and stats and save them?

    Any more news on the PS Vita aswell? Playing this game on handheld would be incredible!!

    Kindest regards,


  3. On the subject of crowd atmosphere, I’d much rather have this than commentary. I don’t understand the necessity for commentary in modern football games. It’s always the same handful of comments repeated over and over again, and always sounds really stilted and silly. The only positive thing about it is that it helps identify which player is on the ball, but I can live without that. So anyway, rant over . +1 for focussing on crowd atmosphere from me 🙂
    Think I have written about this before but PES actually lets you import your own sound files into the game and associate them to any team you like. Something like this would be really good to have.

    1. I agree with regards to commentary. Either it’s very well done (but you need licenses to record all the players’ surnames, and Sociable won’t have those) or it will be just “And there’s a throw in”…”Ooooh,he scores!”… and that’s not quite enough. I for one disable SWOS commentary everytime. As to knowing who’s on the ball,SWOS 96-97 does it very well to let you know writing shirt number and surname on a corner of the screen. Maybe “modernize” that by introducing a “layout” to the writing (as FIFA does, like here https://media.easports.com/content/www-easports/it_IT/fifa/features/_jcr_content/pageBlocksContainer/blocks/feature_5/primaryContent/image.img.jpg for example, where “Rakitic” and “Godin” are written), and I agree that would be enough, to be honest.

  4. Just finished trying to win the World Cup in SWOS ’96-’97 and noticed a couple of things I didn’t quite like that I believe should not be replicated as mistakes in Sociable:
    1_Unavailable players don’t have “replacements” in terms of players you can call up on the bench i.e. 1-11 Starting players, 12-16 substitutes. I had 3 injured players that I had to substitute and I had to put them on the bench, but of course they aren’t available so don’t appear as substitute options. I had to play with the 11 starting players and just the reserve keeper and an attacker on the bench. I went 2-0 up and couldn’t add a defender because of no defenders available on the bench. Teams should be “wider”.
    2_I went to a penalty shootout and I didn’t remember I couldn’t control the goalkeeper but I just had to shoot and then rely on the AI to make the keeper dive. I won because I scored all penalties and the keeper saved one. Well, I was satisfied but… maybe not as much as I should have been. Keepers should be user-controlled during penalty shootout, IMHO. It would add to the game, especially in knock-out competitions.

    Once again, thanks for listening to us and keep up the good work!

    1. Regarding user-controlled goalkeepers, of course I would like them not just during penalty shootout, but also if penalties occur during the actual match.

        1. There will be plenty of achievements in the game. Right now we got achievements related to winning leagues and cups. Jon has got a list of both gameplay and other achievements that we will look into soon. I’ll do a blog post about this and hear everyones suggestions, the ones most requested will be brought up for discussion with the team. Sound good?

  5. Looking forward to this game! Hope there will be a swos-style career mode as well with fully customizable players, teams, leagues and competition formats. I’m a player database editor for FIFA ever since FIFA06 but I’ve kept on playing and updating SWOS up to present using the online available editing tools, just too bad league formats in SWOS9697 don’t quite match with present day football anymore

    1. Hi Tim, glad to hear you’re excited. So are we, lots of noise on this blog now. We won’t have the career mode in this year’s version because focus will be on creating the gameplay and a solid online mode. I’m repeating myself to the answers below, I know, but It can’t be stressed enough that we have to go for the main things first. The career mode is a huge task. There will be an edit mode in the game so don’t worry about that. Thanks for your support.

  6. Also the editor should be well complete. Such as a “Paint” editor for shirts (not just “plain/stripes/river plate style/horizontal stripes à là Celtic) but where you can “draw” your own shirts from scratch.

    Also the player ethnicity/hair/other things editor could be made better than in SWOS (long hair,baldness,dreads and so on as well as various skin colours). That was a bit lacking in SWOS. Ravanelli should have had his trademark grey hair, which he already had in his 20’s!

    Also, given the cartoonish style, you could get a bit “over the top” with the editor just to add fun to it all.

    When I’ll be editing my buddies’ team,I would want to put something like this on the head of my buddy who gets a bit over the top when drunk every damn night out and acts foolishly (in a positive way), just to underline his “personality”.

    If it’s cartoonish, I don’t think that will seem that odd, actually. It will give the editor mode more “personality”, and you could play “serious” by using the non edited clubs made without such odd things (I wouldn’t recommend putting those into the “normal” clubs players, because that’s more “serious”…even though Gazza would happily do with a whiskey bottle in each hand).

    1. Editing mode is yet to decided actually. So I don’t have much information to give there. I know it will have the editing of the names and stats (stats for offline), and that you can change players appearances. Extras and such I don’t know, I guess it will be up to how much time we will have left when gameplay and online is sorted out. Your passionate suggestions are noticed, just so you know. Thanks.

  7. I really like the idea of playing a simple football game on the new consoles. Fifa lost most of its fun and PES is trying to get back on its feet in the last 3 years. For this game, it would be really great justo to have a strong player/clubs editor and on line modes that doesn´t suffer with lag or scripting. I would ask for brazilian clubs also, but i know that getting the licenses could be a really pin in the ass. I´d like to see also some honest prices, not $ 59,99 bs for ps4. Is there any launch date for sociable soccer?

    1. Oi Cara, Tudo bem? I love Brazil. I can tell you we’ll have the Brazilian League. We’ll set out to do what we have announced where game play and online is our focus. There is no launch date yet, but within this year is our goal.

      1. When will you be able to confirm what leagues the game will have? I am hoping you are able to have the Mexican league in there, I guess it’s not a big market for you guys but anyway, I will continue to hope.

        Another thing: the original Sensis never let you choose set piece takers, will we be able to do this now? And pick a captain? Captain probably wouldn’t affect gameplay in any way, just a graphical thing with him wearing the armband.

        1. Hi there, the Mexican league will be in. We’re big fans of both siesta and tequila. About set piece takers, I’ll have a chat with Jon about it. Hasta luego!

          1. Muy chingón! But I think siesta is a Spanish thing? 😀 you can all have a shot of Herradura on me.

  8. What I want to see most is an online tournament/league option. Were you can set up cup’s and tournaments online for players to take part in and the computer does the scheduling and next round draws etc. Different tournaments like an online World Cup format, or an online UEFA Champions League format and the winners get listed in a special honours section. This would be immense!! If people obviously sign up and don’t make the deadline, then you could give the opponent that does make it a BYE to the next round. Also, it’s imperative that the game has the same playability as it’s predecessor SWOS!

    1. Hi Matt, your suggestion has already been up actually. It was put forward by me. But it is considered a huge development process in regards to online structure and with our timeline we won’t be able to make it. Rest assured that the game will be ace with the online options that will be in and that there will be possibilities to setup games 1vs1. I know it might not be the answer and the hopes you had for this game, but THIS will be a game made by passionate people in the form we got it in now. Thanks, and your request is a passionate thing I’d like to see.

      1. Hi mate,

        Thanks for the reply :). Completely understand in regards to the development etc. Hopefully this is something that can be done in the future as it would make this game incredible!!

        Kind regards,


  9. A bit of thought beforehand about modding would be nice. Longevity of games is elevated quite a bit by it. I’m thinking about stadiums, pitches (and related variables), chants… Doesn’t have to be officially supported but see for instance Parkitect, which is a bit of a rct2 3d remake, which already has a lively modding community even before the game is in beta stage. Mods saved ss2006 for a little bit and even for swos there are some mods if you look at the sensiblesoccer.de forums. Thinking about it beforehand guides some coding or design choices.

    1. Hi Jeroen, I will look into modding and see how available things will be. We’re looking at the same solutions as other games on the market. Let’s see what I can dig up during my meeting with the team tomorrow.

    1. We’re not a fan of the offside rule. It slows down gameplay too much. It wasn’t in Jon’s Sensible games either, apart from 06.

  10. Please, take the good things from XBOX360 SWOS. The grass texture or the weather effects were quite good there.

    Keep up the good work! Cheers from Spain!

  11. Wasn’t SWOS the first game to have a ‘live’ stadium? By which I mean one where the crowd responded to you scoring a goal both visually and sonically? I can’t think of any before then. It did make a big difference to atmosphere, when you score a goal that wins you a trophy of promotion or something.

    1. Sensible Soccer was released before SWOS and had sonnically respond for scoring. I dont remember visually. I talk all the time about Amiga’s versions

  12. Sound in Sensible Soccer was perfect, the best of all soccer games ever. I could almost feel crown on the stadium. Sometimes public on stadium was silent and then they start singing. Stadium was alive. In Sensible World of Soccer sounds of a stadium was worst, monotonic , like looped one kind of sound. Please do not fuck up sound of public this time 🙂

    1. When we play old games we loved it’s always a disappointment. Not SWOS, the sound still is incredible and it proves the look of the game is a long way down the list of priorities.

  13. Indoor, 5-a-side mode.

    I remember playing this on a game called Striker (I think) on the SNES in the 90’s. My mates and I loved this mode, we never touched the outdoor 11v11, we were hooked!

    No-one has really bothered that much since then. FIFA Street kind of does it, but that’s more about the skills and showing off than the quick, frenetic pace of 5-a-side. I would LOVE this!

    1. Hey LankySI! We’ll be thinking about a 5-a-side mode. I’ve shown the team NHL Arcade which I think is a great game. Ideas related to new gameplay structure (like 5-a-side, beach football, or beach volley with feet) will be brought to the table after this year’s release. 😀

  14. Little humour ‘refinements’, as there were in SWOS, such as the losers’ team players tucking their heads into their shirts at the end of the game out of shame for having lost, and other various things that provoke a laugh at watching because they’re a bit of a “parody” of the real football. I see you’re going to make the game a bit “cartoonish” in style (i.e. not like FIFA or PES like “simulative”), so I think that’s something you shouldn’t miss. Even though, just by the “tweaked” advertisement names that I saw in the screenshots, you’re already spot on about that and already gave me reason to chuckle!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Sorry for my sketchy English, I myself am Italian.

    1. Also, with regards to menus, the same cartoonish, “humorous” style should also apply, in my opinion. Take as an example the one of Anstoss 2 here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHJ6CwHy4Oo (even though that was a “football manager” game, as championship manager), but that’s what I mean with regards to that bit of humour that I think you shouldn’t miss (the video covers almost every menu in the Anstoss 2 game, and the style is of course different than that of “Championship Manager” and so on),

      1. Hi there KING. The art department are working heavily on the kind of style you are talking about. Jon is also a fan of these humorous events taking place, by all means we all are and we want some things to be serious and some not to be. In the end we want it to be fun. Fun if you win or lose, so you come back for a new challenge. Thanks!

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