Update 1.4 iOS

Our latest update is now live on Apple Arcade! Get your boots on! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sociable-soccer/id1468314130?ign-itsct=sociablesoccer&ign-itscg=30800
– Improved ranking system for League Matches and Seasons
– More responsive player selection and improved player AI
– New PVP online mode match-up messaging function
– Regular and advanced player control schemes for new & experienced players
– Performance improvements and optimizations to enable a console experience and support two remote controllers on an iOS device and an HDMI cable

2 Thoughts on Update 1.4 iOS
    Michael Brock
    2 May 2020

    My biggest frustration with this game is the season timer. I hate how it starts 24 hours after you last played it instead of a calendar day or a regular time each day. I once started the game at 3am and now have to play between 3am to 4:30am in order to ensure I can progress each day of the season. I will stop playing because of this issue.

      Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)
      3 May 2020

      Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us. I understand this is frustrating and game breaking for you. I will feed this back to the devs to see what can be done. Thanks for your continuous support!

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