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European Football 2020 Reward Cards

In honor of great international soccer tournaments. Until July 12th we will be giving away International European players as your first daily reward each week.

P.S You will receive your reward on the first day of your week. Your first day is the week day you started playing Sociable Soccer for the first time.

Hope you get some players you are missing!

All the best
/The Sociable Team

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Update 1.4 iOS

Our latest update is now live on Apple Arcade! Get your boots on!
– Improved ranking system for League Matches and Seasons
– More responsive player selection and improved player AI
– New PVP online mode match-up messaging function
– Regular and advanced player control schemes for new & experienced players
– Performance improvements and optimizations to enable a console experience and support two remote controllers on an iOS device and an HDMI cable

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Promotion and Relegation targets reduced

Today, in response to your requests, we have reduced all targets required for promotion and relegation in our league system.

The top league points target is now half of the previous value, and many of the other leagues also now have reduced total points targets.

In order to achieve this adjustment we have had to perform a one off process, which has meant that all players will see a 44% reduction in points at the start of the next season, which may result in double relegation, single relegation, or simply not being promoted for some teams. We can assure you this is a one off process performed for the long term good of the game and that no players have been disadvantaged relative to each other in this process.

Next major update we will continue to improve the ranking systems within the game. We thank you for your support of the game and wish you luck in climbing higher in the league system than ever.

/The Sociable Soccer Team

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NEWS – IOS – server change

NEWS – server change: We’ve made a server change that should stop you getting duplicates of fully XP upgraded players – it no longer cares about boosts/shields, only about XP.

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Update 1.3 iOS

Here are the new features in this latest update 1.3 :-

• Real Time Online PvP (First Phase)
• Improved Player Selection
• Game speed clamping
• Quick Camera Change Button
• My Team Card added to Daily Rewards and Win Streak
• View other teams in Ranking Table
• Improved Tutorial & information
• 1p Club vs Club Friendly Matches
• General Bug Fixing and Game Balancing

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