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Hi guys,

Yesterday we released this teaser trailer for the game. The meaning with this trailer is to show that football don’t need to be hard if you’re a novice, sure your opponent might score but you can always tackle him to the ground with a feeling of great satisfaction. And even if he scores a crucial goal games are over before you know it (3min). You don’t have to dwell about it, you can just challenge for another game.

We’ve also announced our VR mode which will work on systems which have VR support. We call it “Play as a God” mode. You’re this giant god walking through cities, stopping at stadions and controlling teams with your almighty powers. Sound fun? We hope so. It’s you who control the angle from which you see the game. No other advantages than that. Gameplay is not affected.


We got events coming up.
From now and two weeks on (22nd July – 7th August), the game, in its current Work In Progress form, will be available to play at the Science Museum in London. You’ll be able to play the two player mode and the VR mode. So stop by and try it out if you’re close. It’s £8 for adults.

We’re also heading to Gamescom between the 17th and 21st of August and then to Sensidays, but I’ll create a seperate post about that. Check out Sensidays here.

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  1. Wonder if it’s worth having completely made up teams and names. Nothing more annoying than seeing things like ‘London Reds’ and player names like L. Mossi.

    One of the things that made Sensi great (and I’m still an avid player after all these years) is the sense of fun. Custom teams, the players sliding all over the place, the fact no one can control the ball properly – all this stuff is what was missing from some of the later variants. I think the worst thing about the other later games was the playability…they just weren’t as fun. Having watched the video, it does look okay…but I do wonder if you might be going down the road of Sensi 98 and 2006…I’ll still buy it, no doubt.

    1. Hi Andy.

      There will be a lot of teams and a lot of leagues from around the world. Yes they are not accurate because it is impossible for us to have licenses and then we have to deal with it in a fantasy way. There will be an edit mode which will be extensive. You’ll be able to save your edit file and share it if you like.

      Our aim is fun, fast, football arcade at its best. There will be Custom Teams and there will be loads of competitions to play in.

      In regards to the ball control, we haven’t introduced stats yet in the game so that’s why all players have good ball control. I personally thought Sensi was great cause there was reality mixed with fun. The best players in the game had more, but not infinite powers, than a less skilled player – that made the game special.


      1. Hi there,

        I hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to put a downer on things. I absolutely love SWOS and have spent more hours playing it than I dare think about. I’m just really keen for this to be a success. To me SWOS 96/97 is the gold standard for footballing games. Nothing really compares to it. Though, to give New Star Soccer 5 its dues, this is a really quirky game that has tried to carry the Sensi spirit forward.

        Are there plans to have a career mode? For me, this was one of the great aspects of SWOS. One thing that could be improved from the original would be players aging…it always seemed a bit odd they stayed the same. I think it would also be great to be able to really develop players and have a youth academy…but I guess it depends where you’re taking the game.

        As I say, I’m really excited about this project and genuinely looking forward to it coming out.

        1. Hi again Andy,

          On the contrary. We like to hear what people think of the game. You voicing your opinion, question and doubts are good for us to hear. The whole team appreciates it.

          Career mode won’t be in this one. It takes too long to develop and we’d like to have a running game first until we start to focus on a big mode like the career mode. It needs love and adjustments for today’s market. Point taken for future reference about aging and youth academies though. 😉


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