First cup at the office

The video above has now been released on Youtube, FB and Instagram. It shows us playing our first office cup. All teams, roughly 1000 were available for selection and in the first cup we went with National Teams. Armenia (Jon) managed to win that one vs Jouni’s Finland.

In the second cup we took club teams and the video shows that final. Among the teams chosen were Liverpool, Marseille, Celtic and Norwich. Jon again, very much in form this evening, won that one too turning the scores from 0-2 to 5-2.

Then came the custom teams. As you’ll see in the pic a bit further down I managed to totally revamp my game. In the first match I played our lead artist Amar. I trashed him 10-0 and I felt terrible. The 10-0 result also prompted a bug in the game in which the game couldn’t print both numbers as the scores were shown. Jouni later tried to simulate the bug but only reached 9.

I apologized to Amar but felt this kind of force building up, like I had broken through and that it would take a lot to stop me now. My advantage came from me anticipating the next move of my opponent and planning my moves before that, just like in real football. First thing is of course to have a good first touch and so what led to this advantage I think I had in those last games (which I won comfortably) was that I managed a fast passing game with quite quick directional moves dribbling wise. In that final I beat Jouni 8 springrolls to 2 shish kebabs. We then went for hamburgers and beer, totally ignoring our teams.


It was a great and fun cup and although there is still not any goalkeepers to talk about you can see that there is a real and competitive game in development. I’ll detail some improvements since February in the next post.

As always. Stay Sociable.

Participating in the cup was Jon Hare (Game Designer), Jouni Mannonen (Lead Programmer) and Amar Djouad (Lead Artist) and myself (your CM damn it!). We were also joined by Antti Svenn from Grand Cru and Henri Dammert, expert on retro games and game music. Thanks to you all and a special thanks to Antti for providing the refreshments ;D

4 Replies to “First cup at the office”

  1. Yesssssss, love it. Really looking forward to this – hoping for a game that’s similar to the original (intuitive and not bogged down with too many ‘skills’ etc) yet with a little bit of an update to create a whole fresh new experience. Looks like you guys are on the right track – keep up the good work! P.s. Sorry for being so demanding 😀

    1. Dribbling will mostly be based on you controlling the ball in angles and being able to anticipate your opponents move. You also have a acceleration button which adds under 10% of speed for 3 seconds. That’s about all the news to the controls in there. The whole style is updated but the core, speed of the game, passing and tackling, remains true to Jon’s first games.

  2. The video with the goalkeepers is private. Does this video count as the monthly video or will we get another one? 😉

    1. We try to show people our progress as often as possible but some things like menu design and other development processes are just not enough to make a video from. For now this is the latest video, but we are working on a new build right now so there might be more to come in the coming weeks.

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