The FAQ may change until things are officially announced. Last revision 10/05/17.

Q: When is the game going to be released?
A: This year. First on Android, IOS and PC. Console versions will follow. We will announce it when we know.

Q: Can I play online with my friends?
A: Yes! That’s the big thing in Sociable Soccer.

Q: Will you do something to improve the goalkeepers / physics / camera / animations?
A: Yes. Everything you see is work in progress.

Q: What system is the game running on in this video?
A: Windows 10 laptop from 2013 with Geforce 740M, at 1920x1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, played with two Xbox 360 controllers for Windows.

Q: What platforms will be supported?
A: Final platforms are yet to be decided, but we’re currently looking at PC, IOS and Android first, and PS4 and Xbox One a bit later.

Q: What controllers are supported?
A: Most standard controllers on all platforms, and optional mouse and keyboard on the PC. We also managed to come up with a nice touch based control scheme for mobile devices.

Q: Will there be cross-platform multiplayer?
A: Between PC, Android and IOS it already works. It’s now up to the platform holders to allow it.

Q: Do you have licensed team X in the game?
A: No, we’re just doing something similar to what other unlicensed soccer games do.

Q: Can you edit things within the game?
A: Yes, at first stage player names and club name editing and later: Football Kit & Badge Editor.

Q: Can I just play in 2D like the old game?
A: Yes, the angled views are completely optional. You can still play it old school from the non-distorted, top down angle.

Q: Can you get rid of the streak on the ball?
A: You can toggle it on or off in the settings menu. 🙂

Q: This looks great, but I loved Sensible Soccer… can you make Sensible Soccer instead?
A: No, but you can buy Sensible Soccer for PC on Good old Games and play it while you wait.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: An arm and a leg, but please state which hand is your preference so that you’ll still be able to play the game after purchasing.

Q: Will you support the Amiga?
A: We love the Amiga! We use the Unity engine, though, so we can only ship to platforms that it targets.

Q: Can I send you money to make this happen faster?
A: You can always send us money, but we’re already doing this as fast as we can. 🙂