Sociable Soccer wows Women’s Esports Championships and wins award as China’s most anticipated game for 2019.

PRESS RELEASE 4th January 2019

On December 21st, the 2018 Association of Friendship Forum and the Ding Awards Ceremony jointly organized by the Mobile Game Matrix, Game Intelligence, GameRes and Game Forum were held in Shenzhen, China and Hare’s new real-time competitive sports soccer game Sociable Soccer won the “Most Expected Game of the Year” award.

The Ding Awards were officially launched by the Chinese Game Association in 2016 to recognize outstanding companies and products in the game industry, inviting related business leaders to share the 2018 game industry events, look forward to the 2019 China game industry trends, and explore the development opportunities and possibilities of the industry.

Hare’s UK based company Tower Studios Ltd has been in partnership with Finnish developers Combo Breaker for over 3 years developing the cross-platform title. More recently it also reached a strategic co-operation with publishers Crazy Sports, distributers China Mobile’s Interactive Entertainment and the Chinese Super League (CSL) and a fully endorsed version of the game is due to get its first full launch on mobile platforms in China before the start of the new CSL season in March this year with comprehensive online and offline promotion operated by China Mobile’s channels, provincial APPs and entities covering the whole country.

Sociable Soccer’s unique online & offline “Light E-sports” football action & management, complete with the ‘Easy to play and hard to master’ playability of Sensible Soccer, has really tapped into the need in the Chinese market for a ‘zero threshold’ learning curve to attract ‘light’ players who love football games but find it hard to compete at the top level on more complex simulations, including many female players.

The data shows that there are 500 million sports users and 600 million game users in China, and the number of e-sports users is as high as 250 million of which, for some games, the user base is over 50% female. According to gamma data, the female games market in China had a total sales revenue of 43.07 billion yuan (US$6.5 billion) in 2017. 

For these reasons Sociable Soccer was chosen as one of the four e-sports games contested at the “2018 International Women’s E-Sports Championships” held in China last month. Thirty-two players fought fiercely during the three-day schedule and Chinese player Li Cuimin emerged as the champion of the Sociable Soccer competition.

“The most anticipated game of the year award and success at the Women’s E-sports Championships are a real bonus for us” said Hare “We are working with fantastic partners here in China and are also look forward to bringing the game home to Europe and the rest of the World on mobile and all other platforms as this year unfolds.”