Sociable Soccer is a game made by Tower Studios and Combo-Breaker. The game has been released on Apple Arcade. Development is ongoing.

Discord Official Channel – https://discord.gg/arj84Wj
Discord Apple Arcade Channel – https://discord.gg/C3TNBUZ
Whatsapp – https://wa.me/46760448394
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sociablesoccer/
Facebook group for hardcore players – https://www.facebook.com/groups/819533304865417/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Sociable_Soccer
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sociablesoccer/
Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/sociable_soccer/

For questions contact our community manager at support (at) sociablesoccer dot com


There’s been no update since March, is there a problem.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Andy, no problem, we just have to focus on bringing in funds for the company. Cheers

any news for the android version?

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi user0! It’s being worked on parallel to all other versions. We’ll have news shortly.

Alex Pedruzzi

Good Morning! I wonder if there will be support for the Portuguese-Brazilian language in the game?

I’ve already seen some gameplay videos and I’m aching to get the game! I have only a handful of questions right now:

1. Any news on the Android version?
2. Any chance for legendary teams, or one or more team of legends (like the Classic XI in FIFA, you know what I mean?)?
3. When is the editor coming, and what will we be able to do in it? I don’t really mind if it’s not as complete as PES because the generic badges aren’t bad at all; I’d only feel miffed if it turned out half-assed.
4. Is there going to be a Portuguese language option?
5. How is animation work going? I know the game will still be top-down as it should, and SS is more about the action than looking like a TV broadcast, but being made in 3D, from what I saw in the videos, I think some stuff deserves more work, like keeper reactions and goal celebrations – and even the opposite, the team that conceded a goal or lost a match should look disappointed. Just a few pointers.

Anyway, I guess I’ll wait for the full game to see it all for myself. I’m a sucker for large football games like this (like I was for SWOS) and I’ve already wishlisted “SocSoc” on Steam. So, kudos to you guys, all the way!

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the late answers.
1. Work is ongoing on the android version, it will be out during the first part of 2018 we believe.
2. We have tons of legendary squads in there. When we have time we will hopefully make them all playable.
3. The first version of the editor will basically be name editing for teams and players. There are so many priorities before this but when we have it as a priority it will get the same focus as everything else.
4. Most probably yes. Still need to finish the game in english.
5. The animations need work, and for that we need an animation specialist. We hope to add that position to the team starting next year.

Thanks for all your questions. They will be largely discussed when gameplay is more finished.


Will there be Turkish language support in the game?

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Yes, eventually. When the time is right for additional language support we will inform everyone on social media. Cheers!

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