Sociable Soccer 2020 was released on Apple Arcade 30th July 2020.
Development is ongoing across multiple formats including PC & Console.
The game is designed by Sensible Soccer designer Jon Hare and developed by Tower Studios & Combo-Breaker.

Discord Official Channel – https://discord.gg/arj84Wj
Discord Apple Arcade Channel – https://discord.gg/C3TNBUZ
Whatsapp – https://wa.me/46760448394
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sociablesoccer/
Facebook group for hardcore players – https://www.facebook.com/groups/819533304865417/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Sociable_Soccer
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sociablesoccer/
Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/sociable_soccer/

For questions contact our community manager atย info@sociablesoccer.com


Hi, it is silent for half a year now. Does that mean there is no actual development anymore? Really hope Sociable Soccer still comes to Android in Europe and to the Gear VR. Hope you can provide some more information. Keep up the good work!

Hi Andy,

Do you maybe have some news when the release of Sociable Soccer for 1) Android phones and tablets and 2) for the Samsung Gear VR will happen?

It is very silent since January so hope there is still active development and Sociable Soccer will still soon be launched on those platforms.

Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work.

Thanks in advance!

Greets Rutger

Game is obviously dead and people who paid for it on Steam EA just got shafted.

Hi, it’s me again. I posted the question above on April 19th but still no reply. Is it possible to give an update about a possible release date for Sociable Soccer on Android devices and on the Gear VR devides? Looking forward so much to this game. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi guys,
please keep up the great work! when it will be out the Android version?

can someone tell mr hare that i’m so grateful for the sensible soccer? It made an unforgettable mark among my childhood memories.

i’m 34 yrs old now and Sensible Soccer is still my favorite football game. I really don’t care about graphics at all, what matters is what sensible soccer offers, simple graphics but the amazing and entertaining gameplay!

Respect from Turkiye!

I just read the announcement about the cooperation with the billion dollar Chinese company. In the article it is mentioned you can pick a team from 6 leagues. Does this mean the Dutch competition is not included anymore? According to earlier communication with Sociable Soccer staff they mentioned that Feyenoord will be included with lots of legendary players. I am confused now.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Rutger,

This is specifically for the Chinese version and the leagues they want in. It does not affect the out of China/Asia versions.
All legendary players are still in! ๐Ÿ™‚


Ah okay very clear. Nice to hear all the legendary players will still be in ๐Ÿ™‚ Will the Europe version also be released this autumn? And will it still come on the Gear VR? The announcement back then that it will be on Gear VR was one of the reasons I purchased the Gear VR so really can’t wait till the release. Looking forward very much.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi, we are looking at potential publishers (Gamescom) on the mobile market in Europe and America, but nothing concrete yet. If we get one we’ll announce it later this autumn. Cheers Rutger.

Nothing concrete? Are those publishers sleeping? They are crazy if they won’t get on it quickly before an other publisher does it. The potential customer base can be massive. All Sensible Soccer players from the past want to play it and for new players it will be also very interesting. Pity I am not a publisher.

There’s been no update since March, is there a problem.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Andy, no problem, we just have to focus on bringing in funds for the company. Cheers

any news for the android version?

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi user0! It’s being worked on parallel to all other versions. We’ll have news shortly.

Alex Pedruzzi

Good Morning! I wonder if there will be support for the Portuguese-Brazilian language in the game?

I’ve already seen some gameplay videos and I’m aching to get the game! I have only a handful of questions right now:

1. Any news on the Android version?
2. Any chance for legendary teams, or one or more team of legends (like the Classic XI in FIFA, you know what I mean?)?
3. When is the editor coming, and what will we be able to do in it? I don’t really mind if it’s not as complete as PES because the generic badges aren’t bad at all; I’d only feel miffed if it turned out half-assed.
4. Is there going to be a Portuguese language option?
5. How is animation work going? I know the game will still be top-down as it should, and SS is more about the action than looking like a TV broadcast, but being made in 3D, from what I saw in the videos, I think some stuff deserves more work, like keeper reactions and goal celebrations – and even the opposite, the team that conceded a goal or lost a match should look disappointed. Just a few pointers.

Anyway, I guess I’ll wait for the full game to see it all for myself. I’m a sucker for large football games like this (like I was for SWOS) and I’ve already wishlisted “SocSoc” on Steam. So, kudos to you guys, all the way!

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the late answers.
1. Work is ongoing on the android version, it will be out during the first part of 2018 we believe.
2. We have tons of legendary squads in there. When we have time we will hopefully make them all playable.
3. The first version of the editor will basically be name editing for teams and players. There are so many priorities before this but when we have it as a priority it will get the same focus as everything else.
4. Most probably yes. Still need to finish the game in english.
5. The animations need work, and for that we need an animation specialist. We hope to add that position to the team starting next year.

Thanks for all your questions. They will be largely discussed when gameplay is more finished.


Will there be Turkish language support in the game?

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Yes, eventually. When the time is right for additional language support we will inform everyone on social media. Cheers!

Gutted that Early Access has been delayed a week, still good things come to those who wait.

One of the first to buy, can’t play as yet, joypad doesn’t work, looks good though, disappointed there’s no option to play with one button as promised, hope this will follow soon.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Andy, the one-button does all will be an add-on to the current scheme of controls, if it happens. Jon is not very found of it, but we have to have it for mobile so I guess we will have it for the other platforms too so that users play with the same conditions. Jon has last word on this. There’s a fix coming for controllers, because our game is only reacting to the controller which is 0 on Steam Settings/Controllers. If you take away other controllers setup in Steam and only use one, it should work as temporary solution.


will there be a linux/steam version, too?
Thanks in advance,

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Max! We are looking at other platforms. But for now it is the platforms we have announced. All platforms that support Unity have a potential for a release. If we decide to release on Linux we will announce it here and on other social media. Cheers.

Thank you very much for your answer. Damage, that I have to wait. Do you know when you will decide to support linux? I would love to buy sociable soccer Early access (perhaps it works under Wine/Codeweavers Crossover and so is useful even before a native linux port?) but linux support would be very important for me. Just as you say you defintely support Linux, I will buy the game, even if I have to wait some time for the release!!!

Hi, I just read on http://steamcommunity.com/app/636690/discussions/0/1471967615871871585/ a comment from the Sociable Soccer staff:

“Hi! We haven’t taken a decision about the VR version yet. I’ll get back to you when I know.”

I was told here in the sociablesoccer.com/about section the following:

“The VR version is an addon to the normal game. It is not a version which we put our main focus on. It just happened to be easy to implement for our devs. The VR game is developed to be played with a bluetooth controller just like the PC and console versions so there are no disadvantages.”

This answer came on my question how it will perform on Gear VR because I read a review about Sociable Soccer on Gear VR.

Last month I bought a Gear VR kit especially for playing Sociable Soccer when it comes out. I really thought it would become awesome on VR. I am really surprised that there was now mentioned that there still has to be made a decision about the VR version. I feel misleaded and really thought there would come a VR version because of that you told me on this site.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Eensie. If you read it on Steam then it is about the Steam PC version. As soon as we get the game in place we will add functionality for PC, Android, PSVR and similar. Cheers.

Ah…that explains a lot. Was worried already ๐Ÿ˜‰ You write about PSVR , but you also mean GearVR right? Because that was confirmed earlier to me in this /about section. Really hope so.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

In development the VR Gear is the one we used the most, and the one that is most finished. Any official news regarding the game will be posted on the main page and on social media. Cheers

That’s good to hear. I am really looking forward to play it on the Gear VR. If you need more testers for the Gear VR version, then please send me a mail and I would be very glad to help.

Hi. how i can take key on test this game. Or mby i can buy it! thx

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi SFDELL, you can get it on Steam Early Access from the 12 of October. Cheers!


Just watched the latest video again at half speed, what an option that would be.
No one, and I mean no one, would need to buy any other Soccer game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Colin A Sales

So it’s coming on iOS – great news!! Can I ask though, will it also have an AppleTV app to play on the big screen? ๐Ÿ™‚

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Colin,

Yes the iOS version will be very important for us, happy to see you are interested. We have not yet thought so far. It depends on resources I guess, but we’ll do everything we can that is possible.

Thanks and stay Sociable.

I work for the French blog VR4player.fr and
I would like to do an article on your next title. But i need to know if sociable soccer will be officially compatible with the PSVR ?
Have a great day
Cyril Thevenot

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Thevenot. We haven’t started work on the PS4 version yet as we are finishing PC, Android and iOS first. Let me get back to you when we start working on it. Thanks

‘WOW’ just watched the latest video, absolutely fantastic, can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi! Is there any chance for a PS3 version? Well, I’m not a programmer and so I do not know if the PS3 supports “unity engine”…

My PS3 is Superslim- so unlike my Rasperry PI- no Commodore Amiga emulation.

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Florian. We have no plans for a PS3 version. A PS4 version has been announced and the game is coming for PC, Android and iOS, hope you have another option. Cheers!

Hi, how will be the performance on Samsung Gear VR? Will it be really good? I read a review about Sociable Soccer on Gear VR that someone tested it but that there were still some issues. However that was already some time ago. Will it be perfectly working upon released?

And can it be played well on the Gear VR or does someone playing on Gear VR have a disadvantage in terms of chances of winning against someone playing on the pc, because it is more difficult to control on Gear VR?

Last question…it will be also possible to play on tablet? So pc, tablet, mobile and Gear VR? Looking forward hearing from you!

Sociable Soccer (Community Manager)

Hi Eensie,
The VR version is an addon to the normal game. It is not a version which we put our main focus on. It just happened to be easy to implement for our devs. The VR game is developed to be played with a bluetooth controller just like the PC and console versions so there are no disadvantages. All the versions are compatible in network multiplayer as long as the different platforms allow it. That is not up to us to decide, but it works in development.

That’s very good to hear. Really looking forward to the VR edition. Will it be only released for the Samsung Gear VR or is it also playable on Google Daydream?

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