February progress update

Hi guys,

We are working on the online tech for the game right now. Menus, matchmaking, and a lot of integrating of things into the engine. Adding online will of course be huge for the game and you’ll be able to play it in friendlies, DIY for up to 8 players, and in the build your team mode.

  • We’ve also added many new haircuts for the players.
  • We’ve worked on staff you can add to your management team in the build your team mode.
  • We are discussing if we should have some sort of stamina, so that people can’t overexploit certain players.

Let us know what you think!

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One Reply to “February progress update”

  1. One request i would make is one that Konami has failed with PES. Don’t allow players selecting a specific rated team to come up against a higher rated team, i.e. Man Utd vs Fleetwood Town.

    Have it specific to the rating of the teams unless chosen.

    Thanks – Can’t wait for this!

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