Updating the old kickstarter


Today, I updated the old kickstarter so that about 1700 people could get info on what we are doing. Many of them are probably already following us, but there could be a big number whom are in the dark. We excused ourselves for not being in contact for so long and then we showed the video and talked a little bit about the side view angle. I also described how I came to be Community Manager and gave some interesting facts (!?)

Lastly i briefly mentioned what we are working on now and in more detailed form it’s been a lot of art work, how we create different emblems, how we show maps when you are selecting teams and how every different screen in the menus should look etc. The kind of stuff that you don’t think about when you are a fan, but it still takes time to create these things I assure you. When it comes to the actual gameplay we are tuning passing and how the ball reacts, also goalkeepers animations are being inserted into the game engine.

I don’t have any specific pictures to show you right now but check out the new marketing pic at the top. Can you see the differences between it and the old one?

Until next time. Stay Sociable!

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  1. shame about that …

    League and cups are good but I think management/career mode is needed but thats just my opinion

    Regards and all the best but count me out

    1. We had to focus on gameplay and online this time around since that is the most important aspect of a football game these days. This is Sociable Soccer and just like Sensible Soccer we’ll add the big stuff as in World of Soccer for the next iteration. 😉

      Edit: Just to make clear, with the “big stuff” I mean the Career Mode. As it is a huge mode to create and the dev. time is going to be long for such a mode. For those of you not familiar with the Career mode, it was a one player mode in which you started to manage your club of choice and then you tried to win as many trophies as possible during a 25 year career. Before we dedicate ourselves to that mode we will have to make the gameplay and online mode in Sociable Soccer as good as we can.

  2. Yes. There have been some brainstorming on the subject of other games. Personally my thought was a table tennis game based on multiplayer.

    We’ll do our best. They will at least be better than in the video :–D

  3. In the Netherlands, a legendary coach once said ‘voetbal is oorlog’ (soccer is war). Which leads me to ‘war has never been so much fun’… Are there any (premature) thoughts about other sociable games?

    And please make the keepers better than in SS2006

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