NEW PATCH: Get in! Your keys are now working and your sprint is not forever.

Your CM is back at his desk. Doing what he loves most (getting a bad neck). I had to lock in our lead programmer and force him to do more work at the end of this weekend. It paid off. Have a look.

Changed in this patch:
– Added: Long sleeves for goalkeepers – winter is coming
– Added: Keyboard now assignable as a controller for player (can play controller vs. keyboard for a real handicap)
– Added: Keyboard and 8-directional digital control directions are properly smoothed
– Added: 8-directional arcade controllers & retro joysticks can be used through JoyToKey or similar (details in forums)
– Added: Joystick rumble support
– Added: Option menu toggle for disabling joystick rumble
– Fixed: Directional pad works in menus for all controllers
– Fixed: Ball momentum no longer lost when deflected from post/bar collision
– Fixed: Ball no longer gets stuck on top of goal bar (sorry, tricksters)
– Fixed: Sprint no longer lasts forever (sorry, speed freaks)

/The Sociable Soccer Team

8 Replies to “NEW PATCH: Get in! Your keys are now working and your sprint is not forever.”

  1. please release a new patch that allows us to skip the replays. This should be rather easy for you but will impact our experience a lot. I sometimes decide to not score a goal just to skip the pain of having to watch the replay for 20 seconds.

  2. Also, when a player gets a red card in a tournament he does not miss the next match! I remember in sensible soccer players with multiple yellows would miss the next match.

  3. every replay takes 20 seconds to watch. can you please make it possible to skip the replays? also, an option to save replays would be useful

      1. Thank you! it worked. How do you make substitutions? Also, when a player scores multiple goals, can you make it such that all the minutes appear in one line in front of his name separated by commas?

  4. It’s probably my own fault but I’m trying to run the game through parallels on the Mac. I can’t see the players, as soon as the players run onto the pitch it leaves a blur of artefacts rendering the game unplayable. Is this a parallels related or a known bug? I’ve tried it in ‘passable’ graphics mode and it is the same.

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