Sociable Soccer delayed until next week

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working non-stop for the last few months getting Sociable Soccer ready for Steam Early Access. Unfortunately we have hit a last minute bump in the road which means that Sociable Soccer will sadly not be released today on Steam.

We can say with confidence, though, that Sociable Soccer will now be coming to Early Access next week. The team is extremely disappointed that you won’t be able to play the game today but feel the wait will be worth it. Please hang in there with us, as we close in on releasing the first chapter of the greatest arcade football action game you’ve ever played.

/The Sociable Soccer Team

Stay on your Feet! All to play for as Sociable Soccer goes for goal on Steam Early Access this October 12th

‘Godfather of Football Games’ Jon Hare re-enters the frame to reclaim HIS trophy

London, United Kingdom – September 28th, 2017 – Legendary football game designer Jon Hare in partnership with “class act” Finnish studio Combo Breaker, today announced that Sociable Soccer, their much anticipated, fast-paced, arcade take on the beautiful game, will launch on October 12th on Steam Early Access. Easy to play and hard to master with a single player campaign mode, classic local multiplayer and online multiplayer available from launch and a 30,000 player card collecting online  team mode in the works.Sociable Soccer is a perfect blend of the instant playability of yesteryear and the power of modern technology.

The team also released a new mini trailer to celebrate the announcement.

“We’re hugely excited to be launching on Steam Early Access. This is the first step towards our vision of a new, truly cross-platform, online and offline football action game,” said Hare, also referencing the console, mobile and various VR platforms to follow. “Steam Early Access will help us to tweak gameplay, introduce more game modes and respond to fan feedback.”

Hare earned his ‘Godfather of football games’ moniker from designing two of the biggest football franchises of the 20th century in Microprose Soccer and the genre defining Sensible World of Soccer, one of the 10 most influential video games of all time according to Stanford University. Faithful to his sports game pedigree Sociable Soccer features over 1,000 club and national teams from around the World, with 67 international football trophies to compete for and lighter friendly game modes including trademark custom teams. Beneath its sleek visual presentation lies a game of significant complexity with pinpoint controls and tactical depth.

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Polishing for Early Access Release Date

Hi Sociable fans!

We’d like to give a big thanks to our great fan base for your continuous support during the last weeks since Gamescom. We’ve had a lot of feedback on the game and previews from the show have been great.  We would also like to apologize about the confusion related to the EA release date. Late summer is an English term that can be interpreted on the words for non English native speakers but actually means “summer warmth that goes beyond the summer months” in this context.  Hope that clears much of the confusion!

At the office our team is working on many different things for the Early Access release . Menus, World Mode, tactics, stadium details, crowd and player characters improvements, and many gameplay additions are being inserted.

On the marketing side we are currently looking at a list for sending out preview builds for streamers and media.

Release date on Steam Early Access PC will be – 12th of October!

New discussions about the game are taking place at reddit and at the steam discussion forum. Please go there if you wish to have a bigger discussion about topics of interest. We try to answer most of the posts as well as we can.

A big thanks to all of you who help spread the word about the game out there – we really, really appreciate it!

Stay Sociable everyone!
/ Gustav – Community Manager

Gamifique interview translated to english

We posted an interview with Czech magazine Gamifique last week which kind of went under the radar for a lot of people because of the language barrier. Here it is in english. A good read. The original can be found here. 

1) I read on you official page that Sociable Soccer is Rocket League in boots. Did you take inspiration from this game?
We do not exactly take inspiration form Rocket League, but it is a good benchmark of the AA standard, superfast online gameplay and friendly competitiveness of Sociable Soccer.

2) Can we expect czech or slovak national team in your game?
Yes both of them, plus 4 Czech club teams and 3 Slovak club teams

3) Where did you get that name – Sociable Soccer?
Well it is a play on Sensible Soccer and the fact that the game is very sociable, which means someone who likes to socialize and share the fun of the game.

4) Why did you choose this graphics design?
It is a clean style that blends top 3D modelling and shading with almost-realistic textures and 2D character art. We want to distinguish ourselves from the ultra realistic simulations like FIFA and PES and the more retro football titles that are also out there, we hope our style blends reality with character and humour

5) Will be the console version different from PC or mobile version?
Playstation, XBox and PC will be quite similar, Nintendo Switch is a bit different, touch screen devices like phones are different again, and VR is totally different of course, but all play using the same underlying system so all platforms can play against each other.

6) Can we expect manager mode or financial management of club?
There are a number of game modes bit no financial management of the club. All games in all game modes can be played just by setting up the team and watching AI or by playing with a pad, keyboard or touchscreen.
Apart from friendlies the main game modes are World Mode where you take the role of a manager figure and upgrade him and unlock the world by managing and playing with many different teams to win 67 real world trophies, and online league mode where you collect player cards and build up a big squad to play for the club of your choice

7) You claim that your game will be deep. It will be just in terms of tactic or in number of features?
Deep in many ways. There are over 1,000 teams, 30,000 players, 4 game modes offering thousands of hours of gameplay, nearly 500 different on pitch strategies, over 100 hour single player campaign mode etc

8) On your Steam page you claim that there will be esport tournaments after full release. Do you have any plans now, or you will consider it in next months period?
We have some plans for players to represent their club or country in esports tournaments

9) Now about multiplayer: Do you plan any competitive matches or rankings?
Online you can play in friendlies with friend, in DIY competitions and in the online league where you represent your club and collect player cards from a deck of 30,000 different players to build up your team and play online against fans of other club. All of our online players are ranked in a ten league system. Later we plan for players to be given a chance to play in clans and enter esports tournaments to enhance their reputation.

10) How exactly will multiplayer for eight players work?
This is 8 teams. It will be 1 on 1 play, but with 8 teams in the tournament overall either online or offline. We are also experimenting with co-op play for two players on the same side

11) Do you want to expand your game on Nintendo?
Yes we already have a Nintendo Switch version in development

12) Will be Sociable Soccer just in english, or in any other languages?
Just English to start, but eventually translated

13) Do you now the exact price of your game, or you still demand leg and arm from your fans?
The price will be in line with other AA titles on the market. Arms and legs should not be required.

14) What about your expectations? (Number of players, reviews, sales…)
My hope is that the game is as successful as Sensible World of Soccer that was played by about 20 million people and got universal 90%+ reviews, but I have no expectations. Hopefully we can turn a new younger generation of fans onto fast paced cross platform arcade football, but only time will tell.

15) Do you have any exact date of release?
Planned Steam Early Access release date is early October

More quotes and previews from Gamescom

“Jon Hare jokes that it is untactical to beat journalists – and then he whoops me in Sociable Soccer.” (Swedish)

“Sociable Soccer is a football game, but you do not have to love soccer to love Sociable Soccer.”

“The most acclaimed football simulation game at Gamescom was PES 2018, the second most acclaimed was not FIFA 18 but Sociable Soccer.”

“The gameplay is of course fast paced and you can pass the entire game field in seconds with 3-4 passes.”​

“Everything seems to work well, with that old aftertaste that never hurts.”​

Previews from Gamescom

The previews continue coming after the great week at Gamescom. Here are two more.

“Sociable Soccer is designed to deliver the football videogame that FIFA and PES are shying away from.” VRFocus

“Everything seems to work well, with that old aftertaste that never hurts.”


Two news articles from Gamescom

Last week at Gamescom our game designer Jon Hare had a lot of meetings and made some game interviews with different sites and magazines. Here are the first two.

“Sociable Soccer is not only nostalgia, but a game with an identity of its own. ” The Games Machine (Italy)

“Sociable Soccer is heading to Steam Early Access very soon.”  VR Focus

Sociable Questions #1 Before Early Accesss

Yesterday I asked what you would like me to write a blog post about and well, I could not select only one topic so I thought I’d take your questions and maybe answer a little more than you can on twitter. Here are some of the questions from yesterday.

Vasanth Kumar @gully_pointOur biggest Indian Supporter. Super passionate! 
Q: Tell us about the online leagues in the game, and how it works?
A: We can’t just yet. It is the third of our main modes and will include collecting player cards to form a strong side against opponents mainly online.

Rick Lindeman  – SWOS oracle, arranged the World Cup in SWOS last year. 
Q: Release date. Platforms. Vita/ps4 bundle?
A: We can’t reveal the release date yet. Hopefully we will do that during Gamescom. The first platform will be PC, then iOS and Android. A Vita/PS4 bundle would be nice, but nothing we have been thinking about yet.

James N –  – Loves turtles and pools of water at football pitches.
Q: Testing strategy?
A: Company X will do most of the testing before release. We are thinking about having an online stability demo released where you can try out online against a random opponent. If this happens we will announce it. For now the game will go straight to Early Access if nothing else is announced.

Dan – @Computer guy with 12.5 Vine loops!
Q: Will you be able to save and export your team name edits, and if so can you import others? and for bonus points could it be cross platform?
A:  Ideally we want an editing mode (player names and team names) in the first Early Access release. We will announce features as we get closer. If it’s not in the first release you will know and can make your decision based on that. I believe it will be in. An editing mode for us is one which you can share. Xbox is terrible with these kind of things like sharing files etc because of closed hardware. Other formats are easier and we know PES has an extensive editing community on PS4 and PC. We’d like something similar.

Cross platform is up to the platform holders. It doesn’t matter how awesome our skills are at the office when we code the game. If Microsoft and Sony does not allow it we can’t do nothing. It is a common misconception that most programming studios chose not to make cross platform games on their own. That is simply not true. Most people in tech want people to come together as much as possible.

– Chelsea fan who is enriching sports sole.
Q: If we can create our own teams and League’s and Cups.
A: You will be able to edit names when the said edit mode comes into place. In that way you can create a team by editing the names of a current team and overwriting old ones’. There will be a DIY mode for creating competitions. Details are yet to be announced for DIY but online it will work for up to 8 players a competition.

Well that was some of the questions answered a bit more extensively.
We’ll be back with more Sociable Questions shortly!