Jon at the GDC16

Our sociable man Jon Hare has been visiting the Game Developers Conference 2016 (GDC16) in San Francisco for the last couple of days. For many game developers the GDC is probably the first event of the year and the biggest place to show their game to other colleagues in the business. It’s a place where you look for inspiration, learn about the new tech stuff, and get feedback on your early-in-development product.

On the pic Jon can be seen with Dave Nottingham, an old friend who was part of the team that published SWOS at Warner back in the 90’s.

We’ll have more news from the GDC and about the game soon.

Meanwhile. Stay Sociable.

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  1. Hi guys – really looking forward to Sociable Soccer, as think there’s a real lack of fun/creativity in the current footy games available. By the way, will you only be able to do flying headers or can you also do ones where you jump straight up? Also, will you be able to do bicycle kicks? Keep up the good work, everybody!

    1. Hey Wobot and thanks for the support. We feel the same as you, we want to bring the fun factor into football games again. You will be able to head the ball, but not in the way it was done in SWOS. We’ll make headers somewhat different but balanced. I can’t answer your question about different kind of headers (animation wise) yet but you will be able to head them both up, down and with force. Bicycle kicks will be in 😉 Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to it! Too bad it won’t make ps3, but glad if it comes to PC

    Don’t forget to include the original version of swos as an easter egg!

    1. Thanks for the support swossy. It will arrive for PC.

      As it is Easter right now we’d love that, but those rights belong to Codemasters so we won’t be able too.

      We’ll have more news soon on Sociable Soccer!

  3. Hi Jon ,

    To say I was excited hearing about this game you are going to bring back is an understatement

    My question is will there be a management mode and career mode ? I am not into multiplayer so this is a concern of mine !

    Dave (Sociable )

    1. Hi Dave,

      Gustav here, Sociable Soccer’s Community Manager. In this game we are aiming for a return to form with gameplay and online mode in focus. The career mode won’t be in because it takes a very long time to develop and we don’t want anything half done (it has to be even better than the old career mode in Jon’s previous games).

      There will be a massive amount of competitions with leagues to complete and cups to win in which you can play a full season in single player mode.

      Hope that helps.


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