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We want you! Join our tournament in Blackpool!


We got a great week ahead and we want you all to follow us and discover the game. The people visiting Play EXPO Blackpool 30th of April – 1st of May, will be hands on with the game and will hopefully give you an insight into what it really feels like by sharing videos and commenting online. Me and Jon will be collecting the players feedback right there which will prove invaluable for the coming months of development. For you guys who are not able to join us at Blackpool (the unlucky majority), we really want your opinions on the videos coming from the show. There will also be a promotional video coming (no time estimate) which will introduce the goalkeepers and a few other additions.

Goalkeepers were our fans biggest concern game play wise since the latest video and so we’re happy to say they now react like they should. Lead programmer Jouni describes how they have now become better between the posts, “Slow rolling balls and kicks from midfield are no longer ways to score.” that’s reassuring because we saw goals where the keeper did absolutely nothing in some situations, Jouni goes on, “Once we show a few goalpost hits and a crab walking, jumping goalie in the next video, I think we’re going to make some people happy.”

So to sum up, our European Tour begins Saturday and besides the high probability of fan uploaded videos we are going to release a video featuring goalkeepers soon.

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Net physics on show!

Hey everyone!

If you guys were active on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook you’ve already seen our video on goal nets. I remember when I was back at my former job, that a lot of fans asked me about the goal nets and they always brought up another game called Football Kingdom and how they looked in it. The feeling fans want is that the net moves realistically with a nice ripple effect to it.

So when I arrived in Helsinki and for the first time set foot in the office I thought to myself, let’s start with something easy. After having introduced myself to the team, I asked Jouni, “How does net physics work?”, and I wasn’t even expecting them to work, but they did and Jouni showed me. This was even before I had tried the game out so it was the first time I saw a 3D element in the game. It looked colorful and realistic and I was impressed.

There’s another reason why I posted this video now and it is mainly because we are working on Goalkeepers at the moment. Since I don’t have any footage of that (yet), I thought it was nice to post something that relates to them. I can also tell you that, since last week, post and bar physics have also been introduced. That means that in the videos you’ve seen of gameplay so far, you either shot within or outside the goal, or inside or above the bar. 😀

Until next time. Stay Sociable.

We’ll be at PLAY Expo Blackpool


It’s official. Our game is going to be shown at the PLAY Expo event in Blackpool on the 30th of April and the 1st of May. You’ll be able to play it just for fun and also be part of a tournament for 32 contestants on both days. The game will be played with X-box controllers wired to PC:s.

The tagline is “Get SOCIABLE with SENSIBLE Jon”. So if you’re in the surroundings don’t miss this opportunity to have a great day of gaming (there will be lots of games on show) and where you can meet SENSIBLE Jon and maybe even his companion SOCIABLE Gus (me, haha).

Links to the Replay Events Press Release


More announcements to come soon!

First cup at the office

The video above has now been released on Youtube, FB and Instagram. It shows us playing our first office cup. All teams, roughly 1000 were available for selection and in the first cup we went with National Teams. Armenia (Jon) managed to win that one vs Jouni’s Finland.

In the second cup we took club teams and the video shows that final. Among the teams chosen were Liverpool, Marseille, Celtic and Norwich. Jon again, very much in form this evening, won that one too turning the scores from 0-2 to 5-2.

Then came the custom teams. As you’ll see in the pic a bit further down I managed to totally revamp my game. In the first match I played our lead artist Amar. I trashed him 10-0 and I felt terrible. The 10-0 result also prompted a bug in the game in which the game couldn’t print both numbers as the scores were shown. Jouni later tried to simulate the bug but only reached 9.

I apologized to Amar but felt this kind of force building up, like I had broken through and that it would take a lot to stop me now. My advantage came from me anticipating the next move of my opponent and planning my moves before that, just like in real football. First thing is of course to have a good first touch and so what led to this advantage I think I had in those last games (which I won comfortably) was that I managed a fast passing game with quite quick directional moves dribbling wise. In that final I beat Jouni 8 springrolls to 2 shish kebabs. We then went for hamburgers and beer, totally ignoring our teams.


It was a great and fun cup and although there is still not any goalkeepers to talk about you can see that there is a real and competitive game in development. I’ll detail some improvements since February in the next post.

As always. Stay Sociable.

Participating in the cup was Jon Hare (Game Designer), Jouni Mannonen (Lead Programmer) and Amar Djouad (Lead Artist) and myself (your CM damn it!). We were also joined by Antti Svenn from Grand Cru and Henri Dammert, expert on retro games and game music. Thanks to you all and a special thanks to Antti for providing the refreshments ;D